your pixel-perfect personal web archive

automatic screenshots of everything you saw on the web, and full-text search for your browsing history

download for Windows

introducing irchiver

automatically archive every webpage you visit forever as full-resolution png. they're saved exactly as you saw them, pixel perfect. create your own personal web history, even after the websites have changed or disappeared. works flawlessly through login walls, dynamic pages, embedded video, pdf viewing. no cloud anything, works without the internet, irchiver just saves it all to a folder. full-text search over your entire browsing history, everything you ever saw. find that birthday thread on your wall even years after your social networking website shuts down

what's the research?

everything from the outside world now comes to us through our web browsers. we see it, we forget it, but sometimes it leaves an impression. what would it be like if we could recall it at any time with pixel perfect accuracy?

with irchiver, even though the web is constantly changing, you don't mind as much anymore. even though web pages and entire hosting sites disappear, you still get to keep what you saw. seeing is preserving.

irchiver aims to be your backup memory. just like how the internet has changed the way we think about knowledge, we are interested in how irchiver changes how we remember.


the irchiver software is available for free. It currently runs only on Windows and with Chrome, though the general technique should be generalizable to other browsers, and possibly other operating systems. The code is available for you to read, and build yourself if you don't want to use the pre-built versions. irchiver requires Windows 8.1 or higher, but it has only been tested on Windows 10.

irchiver does not use any network connectivity for your privacy. why would you want your browsing data stored on the cloud? that would be silly. irchiver stores your screenshots as png files, and the text content in a plain text file, in a simple folder on your hard drive. you can view it using any file explorer, and do whatever you want with it -- it's your data.


irchiver was made by Jeff Huang. It is licensed to you under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, which is not very permissive. Please see that license for what you can and cannot do with irchiver.